Who Owns the Indiana Pacers? A Journey Through Ownership History

The Early Years: The Birth of the Pacers

The Indiana Pacers, a professional basketball team based in Indianapolis, have a rich and fascinating ownership history that spans over half a century. From humble beginnings to becoming a stalwart of the NBA, the Pacers’ ownership journey is a tale of determination, passion, and triumph.

The Founding Fathers: Richard Tinkham and Herb Simon

The Pacers were founded in 1967 by four businessmen, including Richard Tinkham and Herb Simon. Tinkham, a lawyer with a love for basketball, had a vision of bringing professional basketball to Indiana. Simon, a successful real estate developer, shared Tinkham’s passion and became a key figure in the early days of the Pacers. Together, they laid the foundation for what would become a storied franchise.

The Simon Era: Stability and Success

In 1983, Herb Simon and his brother Melvin purchased the majority stake in the Pacers, solidifying their ownership of the team. Under the Simon family’s guidance, the Pacers experienced stability and success. They invested in the team’s infrastructure, improving the arena and surrounding facilities. The Pacers became a perennial playoff contender, capturing the hearts of basketball fans in Indiana.

The Maloof Interlude: A Brief Change in Ownership

In 1999, the Simon family sold a minority stake in the Pacers to the Maloof family, renowned for their ownership of the Sacramento Kings. This brief interlude in ownership, however, did not last long. The Simons soon regained control of the team, reaffirming their commitment to the Pacers and their loyal fan base.

Continued Success: The Pacers Thrive Under Herb Simon

Since reclaiming full ownership, Herb Simon has continued to steer the Pacers towards success. With a focus on building a winning team, Simon has made strategic decisions to strengthen the roster and attract top talent. The Pacers have consistently been a competitive force in the Eastern Conference, earning multiple division titles and making deep playoff runs.


The Future: A Legacy in the Making

As the Pacers look to the future, the ownership remains firmly in the hands of the Simon family. Herb Simon’s dedication to the team and the city of Indianapolis ensures that the Pacers will continue to thrive. With ongoing investments in player development and state-of-the-art facilities, the Pacers are poised to build on their legacy and bring more excitement to basketball fans in Indiana.

A Journey of Ownership: A Story of Passion and Success

The Indiana Pacers’ ownership history is a captivating narrative of vision, perseverance, and triumph. From the founding fathers who laid the groundwork to the Simon family’s unwavering commitment, the Pacers have become an integral part of Indiana’s sporting culture. As the team’s journey continues, one thing is certain: the Indiana Pacers are here to stay, leaving fans and basketball enthusiasts in awe of their remarkable story.

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