Which NBA Teams Have Moved?

The Ever-Changing Landscape of NBA Teams

The NBA, like any other professional sports league, has seen its fair share of changes and relocations throughout its history. From franchises seeking greener pastures to cities eager to welcome a basketball team, the movement of NBA teams has become a fascinating aspect of the league’s evolution.

A Journey Through NBA Relocations

Over the years, several NBA teams have relocated, leaving lasting impacts on both the cities they left behind and the new homes they found. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable relocations in NBA history.

1. Seattle SuperSonics: The Heartbreak of the Pacific Northwest

The city of Seattle once proudly boasted an NBA team, the SuperSonics. However, in 2008, the team’s ownership decided to move the franchise to Oklahoma City, leaving basketball fans heartbroken and a city without an NBA team.

2. Vancouver Grizzlies: A Canadian Dream Cut Short

In 1995, the NBA expanded to include two Canadian teams, one of which was the Vancouver Grizzlies. Despite initial excitement, the team struggled both on and off the court, eventually relocating to Memphis in 2001. The move left a void in the Canadian basketball landscape until the Toronto Raptors emerged as champions in 2019.

3. New Orleans Jazz: From the Big Easy to Salt Lake City

The New Orleans Jazz, known for their vibrant style of play, called the city home from 1974 to 1979. However, financial difficulties led the team to relocate to Salt Lake City, where they became the Utah Jazz. Although the name no longer reflects the city’s culture, the Utah Jazz has become a beloved franchise in its new home.


4. Kansas City Kings: A Midwest Shuffle

The Kansas City Kings, originally the Rochester Royals, moved to Kansas City in 1972. However, after struggling to attract fans and generate revenue, the team relocated once again, becoming the Sacramento Kings in 1985. The move brought stability to the franchise and a passionate fan base in Sacramento.

5. San Diego Clippers: A Tale of Two Cities

The San Diego Clippers, despite having talented players like Bill Walton, faced numerous challenges during their time in San Diego. In 1984, the team packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles, where they became the Los Angeles Clippers. The relocation allowed the team to thrive in a bigger market and eventually establish themselves as a competitive force.

6. Brooklyn Nets: Crossing the Bridge to Success

The New Jersey Nets had a devoted fan base during their time in the Garden State, but in 2012, they made a bold move across the Hudson River to Brooklyn. The relocation brought a fresh start for the franchise, leading to a resurgence in popularity and the acquisition of star players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

7. Golden State Warriors: From San Francisco to Oakland and Back

The Golden State Warriors have a unique relocation history. Originally from San Francisco, the team moved across the bay to Oakland in 1971, where they enjoyed tremendous success. However, in 2019, they returned to their roots and now play their home games in the new Chase Center in San Francisco.

The NBA’s Ever-Changing Landscape

The relocation of NBA teams is an ever-present part of the league’s landscape. While it may cause heartbreak for some fans, it also brings new opportunities for others. As the NBA continues to grow and evolve, only time will tell which cities will become the next home for a beloved NBA franchise.

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